Veterinary Feed Directive is Topic on This Month’s Farmer’s Forum

USDA rules recently passed  would require farmers to have a veterinarian sign off on the treatment of animals with certain antibiotics in feeds that farmer’s used to be able to use without a veterinarian’s supervision. MFA’s Dr. Tony Martin addresses the issue in this month’s Farmer’s Forum program…

The Wehr Ford Farmer’s Forum aired this morning at 10AM on 92-5 The Grove and re-airs again Monday at 5AM and 6PM and is available on demand.

Missouri Colleges Freeze Tuition, Increase Money For Scholarships

Undergraduate students at Missouri’s colleges and universities will pay the same for tuition next year that they’re paying this year, and there will be more money made available for scholarships. Governor Jay Nixon signed the state’s higher education budget Wednesday during a visit to Missouri State University. The spending plan freezes tuition and fees for the fall semester and includes a four-million dollar increase for Access Missouri scholarships. This is the fourth tuition freeze Governor Nixon has secured since taking office in 2009.

Photo ID Legislation Stalls in Senate

vote-hereA measure that would require Missouri voters to show photo ID at polling places is stalled in the state Senate. Democrats filibustered the bill for about six hours Wednesday night. The Senate paused its business shortly after midnight for lawmakers to meet off the floor, and the chamber adjourned at 2 AM Thursday without resuming debate. Democrats say requiring a photo ID to vote would disenfranchise voters. Republicans say it would reduce fraud. Republicans hold the majority in the state senate and they say they will continue efforts to pass the bill before the session ends May 13th.

Religious Protections Bill Dies In Missouri House

A tie vote in a Missouri House committee stops a bill which would have protected businesses which deny services for same-sex weddings based on religion.  The legislation had already passed the senate.  Opponents included LGBT rights activists and some Missouri business leaders who feared economic backlash.  Had the bill made its way through the legislature, Missouri voters would have decided whether to make a new amendment to the state constitution at the polls.

Mountain Grove Woman Injured In Crash Near Cabool

A Mountain Grove woman was injured in a Cabool car crash Thursday. At about noon Thursday, 43-year-old Jeanette Troutman was driving north on Highway-M, north of Cabool of when ran off the left side of the roadway and overturned. The Highway Patrol reports that Troutman was not wearing her seatbelt. She was treated for moderate injuries at TCMH in Houston.

Dairy Farmer’s Celebrate Passage of State Budget

MoDairyDairy farmer’s are celebrating the passage of the state budget which includes full funding for the Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act, Missouri Dairy Association Executive Director Dave Drennan says that the Governor had only proposed $1.375-Million, but the General Assembly decided to budget the full $2.5-Million…

Drennan says that the money will help dairy farmer with premiums…

Money would also go to ag scholarships…

Drennan says the Missouri Dairy Association will be in Mountain Grove in June to celebrate Dairy Month.

Severe Weather Potential Across The Ozarks

Parts of the Ozarks this afternoon and evening are in line for potentially severe weather, The National Weather Service’s Mike Griffin has this update…


Former MSU Grad Student Sues After Removal From Program

Missouri-State-University-logoA former Missouri State University graduate student has filed a lawsuit accusing the university of kicking him out of a master’s program after he said counseling gay couples violated his religious beliefs. In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Andrew Cash said he was removed from the master’s counseling program in 2014, three years after he told a professor he would not counsel gay couples because of his religious beliefs. The Springfield News-Leader reports the lawsuit claims the university denied Cash’s rights to religion and free speech and names the university’s board of governors and other school officials as defendants. A Missouri State University spokesperson said in an email Friday that the university “strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or any other protected class.”

Serious Crash North of Hartville Result of DWI and Marijuana

Three Hartville residents were airlifted from a Friday afternoon crash on Highway-5 north of of Hartville. At about 3:45PM, 34-year-old Jason Shantz was driving south on Highway 5 when we went off the right side of the road and struck a tree. The Highway Patrol reports that neither Jason Shantz or 36-year-old Melissa Clark were wearing their seatbelts. They along with 1-year-old Shyla Shantz were airlifted to Mercy Hospital Springfield with serious injuries. Jason Shantz was also arrested for driving while intoxicated and possession of Marijuana.

Hartville Woman Injured in Douglas County Crash

A Hartville woman was injured in a Douglas County crash Friday morning. At just before 10AM Friday, 48-year-old Lynette Veenstra of Hartville was driving north on Highway-5, just north of Ava when the left dual wheels of a dually pickup driven south by 44-year-old James Jackson of Mansfield crossed the centerline and struck Veenstra’s vehicle. The Highway Patrol and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office report that both drivers where wearing their seatbelts. Veenstra sought out her own treatment of moderate injuries.