Panther Sports Audio Vault

The Panther Sports Audio Vault, where you can stream replays of this year’s big games on demand or download for listening later, brought to you by…

Boys Baseball – 2017

Game 17 (5/02/2017) Vs. Houston 17-3

Game 16 (5/01/2017) Vs. Mansfield 7-5

Game 15 (4/28/2017) Vs. Norwood 15-3

Game 14 (4/27/2017) Vs. Logan-Rogersville 2-3

Game 13 (4/24/2017) Vs. Ava 10-2

Game 12 (4/18/2017) Vs. Thayer 16-1

Game 11 (4/13/2017) Vs. Mountain View 10-0

Game 10 (04/11/2017) Vs. Licking 7-0

Game 09 (04/10/2017) Vs. Salem 2-5

Game 08 (04/07/2017) Vs. Van Buren 6-2

Game 07 (04/06/2017) Vs. Willow Springs 13-4

Game 06 (04/03/2017) Vs. Cabool 13-0

Houston Tournament – Game 04 (03/24/2017) Vs. Cuba 6-4

Houston Tournament – Game 03 (03/23/2017) Vs. Houston 15-1

Houston Tournament – Game 02 (03/22/2017) Vs. Salem 6-7

Houston Tournament – Game 01 (03/20/2017) Vs. Licking 2-7

Boys Basketball – Tournament – Class III


Panthers VS. Fair Grove @ Springfield (Quarter Finals)

Panthers VS. Southern Boone @ Rolla (First Game)

Girls Panther Basketball!

Panthers Host Ava

Panthers VS. Houston

Panthers Host Fordland

Panthers Host Thayer

Panthers Host Conway

Panthers Vs. Conway @ Mansfield

Panthers Vs. Houston

Panthers Vs. Salem

Panthers Vs. Willowsprings

Panthers at Norwood Vs. Springfield

 Boys Panther Basketball!

District Ten Bracket

Panthers VS. Conway @ Cabool

Panthers VS. Houston @ Cabool

Panther Classic Tournament

Panthers Host Ava

Panthers VS. Rogersville

Panthers VS. Willow Springs

Regular Season

Panthers VS. Houston

Panthers Host Thayer

Panthers Host Liberty

Panthers VS. Salem

Panthers Hosts Willow Springs

Panthers Hosts Hartville

Panthers VS. Cabool

Panthers VS. Licking (Triple Overtime!!)

Seymour Tournament

Panthers VS. Mansfield (Finals)

Panthers VS. School of the Ozarks (Semi-Finals)

Panthers VS. Lighthouse

  BLUE and GOLD Tournament

Panthers VS. Bolivar (Final Game)

Panthers VS. Rogersville (Game Two)

Panthers VS. Hollister (Game One)

Regular Season

Panthers host Fair Grove(Week6)

Panthers at Mansfield (Week 4)

Panthers at Conway (Week 3)

Panthers host Mountain View (Week 2)

Panthers host Springfield (Week 1)

                   Panther Football

Panthers at Mountain View (District Championship)

Panthers host Ava (District Semi-final)

Panthers host Cuba (District Quarter-final)

Panthers at Thayer (Conference Week 7)

Panthers host Houston (Conference Week 6)

Panthers host Salem (Conference Week 5)

Panthers at Liberty (Conference Week 4)

Panthers at Cabool (Conference Week 3)

Panthers host Willow Springs (Conference Week 2)

Panthers at Ava (Conference Week 1)

Panthers host Strafford (Week 2)

Panthers at Aurora (Week 1)