Hartville City Council Hears Complain About Scaffolding And Approves Measures For Downtown Improvements

(Hartville, MO) — Hartville City Council met Tuesday night and heard complaints from downtown business owner David Carter about a neighbor that was not maintaining his property…

City council then heard that a resident had inquired about purchasing a truck that the city was not using…

Hartville City Council approved placing advertisements in the newspaper seeking sealed bids for the sale of the truck. City council heard reports from the city public works department on water and sewer issues. It was reported that in the transition of management of the public works department that the August water samples did not get submitted and cause a notice of violation to be issued against the city by the Department of Natural Resources. Also addressed were concerns about the progress of updating the sewer treatment lagoons to meet the new more stringent state requirements. City council approved the bid from Willard Asphalt to pave streets that were repaired as part of the recent FEMA disaster declaration and several driveway ends that were effected by recent water main repairs. City Council had the 1st and 2nd readings on two bills, the first an ordinance amending an ordinance to approve a cooperative agreement with the county collector’s office to collect city property tax. It was noted that the agreement would become void if the citizens approved a measure on the ballot to do away with the city property tax. Also approved in 1st and 2nd reading was an ordinance allowing the city to execute an agreement the highway department to pave Highway-38 through the city as part of a larger project to pave Highway-38 from Route-F to Highway-95. The city also approved a resolution to seek funding for sidewalk replacement along parts of Highways-5 and 38 in downtown Hartville. The City Council also approved a request from Wright County Emergency Management to use the city fire station on the fire chief’s approval for storm spotter training in the spring.


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