Missouri Secretary of State Shuts Down Scammers

The Missouri Secretary of State has shut down the operators of an investment scam who were cold-calling people in the state. Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander says he filed a cease and desist order Tuesday against Arizona-based AflacAssist.com, L-L-C and their owners Lance Himes and Leary Darling. The state was notified about the scam after a 61-year-old Missouri man received a call from a company offering an investment opportunity in 2013. After investing 15-thousand dollars, the man didn’t receive returns on his investment and never heard back from the company. The cease and desist order alleges an AflacAssist.com agent told the man his money would be placed in “merchant residual accounts” that would guarantee him payment over time. Kander said the order will try to place fines on the company and recover all the money it stole.




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